Wednesday, March 18, 2009

TCCL T23 Things #2: Lifelong Learning

librarylin said...
Oops, I got ahead of the numbers & became a blogger on #1. So I must be committed to online learning. Actually enrolling in Con. Ed. opportunities to increase my knowledge of online tools is already one of my goals for this year. Of the 7 1/2 Habits, "Attitude is Everything!" is my matra. librarylin

February 2, 2009 6:40 PM
librarylin said...
"Attitude Is Everything!"
"The Past is History
The Future is only Anticipation
Now is the Only Reality"
Do not know to whom I should attribute the above quote, but I truly feel that our attitude toward whatever happens in life is the only thing we have control of...oops ended that with a preposition.

TCCL 23 Things #1: Discovery Has Never Been So Much Fun!

librarylin said...
This was good day to explore. Chris in Circ may not agree as I have been volunteering to help him with RFID & learning the process. Enjoy Koda & Flickr photos from friends although I only send via email. Think Google Maps are splendid, but want to learn about Delicious. Have friends of all ages on Facebook although a friend posted my pic. Green team busy as Spring approaches & Chat group already heavy into SRP plans, so hope I'll continue to find time for more things.

February 2009
February 2009
librarylin said...
What year was it? Eons ago it seems, when Anna, our Library Tech Info expert, herded Central Staff into the old Children's Dept. story room & introduced us to the World Wide Web. It took me forever to remember how to sign on, and I know I bugged my more computer sophistocated co-workers into hiding. Understanding the tech terms was kin to mastering a foreign language. It amazes me that recently I was actually explaining some of that same jargon. librarylin

Monday, February 2, 2009

Picking Through Picasa

You are invited to view a photo from Dave's photo album: Alaska 74
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Message from Lin:
This Alaskan scene immediately brought to mind my first ferry trip from Whidby Island up to Canada and brought back the aroma & taste of my first cup ever of Starbucks coffee...while standing on the bow of the boat. I want to post this on my Blog when I figure out how.